Halloween, NASL Style

Oh, c’mon, you really didn’t think that I’d miss doing a post on Halloween, NASL (Not A Stepford Life) Style, did you?

Did you really?


You just don’t know me at alllll.

As you might expect, we don’t do things quite normally. And, surprisingly enough, *we* weren’t the award-winning weirdos yesterday.

That title would TOTALLY go to my Dr. Out of respect for his privacy, I’m not posting his pic, but picture it:

Bearded man. Dressed as Pippi Longstocking. He even sprayed his beard with the same red as the hair. The hair, by the way, made it so he had to turn sideways to get through the doorways. Denim shorts, red tights, mismatched socks. He also had a horse under one arm, and monkey on his shoulder.

If I ever had ANY doubts that we had found the right family Dr (I didn’t), yesterday’s costume confirmed we’re totally with the right guy.


As with most families, we’re on a budget, so we don’t have the whole ‘hire Disney experts to transform our yard’ gig going on. We don’t even own a fog machine. *hangs head in shame* Plus, with our range of kids, we’re a bit caught in the whole, “Let’s not scare the snot out of little people” situation, despite what the older kids beg for. Frankly, I figure by the time the littlest Minions are old enough to go scary, chances are grandkids won’t be far behind. So, we stick with the non threatening traditional stuff.

Like Jack-o-Lanterns.

Halloween, NASL style

Why yes, that IS a decapitated doll head in the pumpkin.

Believe it or not, that’s actually Princess’ pumpkin, mowing down on a doll head. Or puking it up, I’m genuinely not sure, and was afraid to ask.

Then there’s Wolf’s:

Halloween, NASL style

Om, nom nom nom! Pumpkin people eater!

Apparently, Wolf has a ‘whole food’ policy for his pumpkin. And I’m still not willing to ask questions, such as, “Where did you get this idea from? Was it the kids that started it, or you?” because I’m afraid of what the answer might be.

Uh huh. Compared to our step doll munching massacre, the kids were pretty boringly dressed:

Halloween, NASL style

The one NON Elsa princess around…

Halloween, NASL Style

Son of Wolf. Surprised?

Halloween, NASL style

Terror Toddler and trains. He loooves trains.

Cubby didn’t go out this year, he just hung out at home with me. Diva, however, worked on her costume since August. I’ll be doing up a separate post on that, because so far, I haven’t been able to corralĀ her for a picture yet. Teens. *sigh*

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