Halloween Aftermath

Ah, yes. As is typical NASL style, it’s never possible to get everything done at once, because organization is NOT one of my many talents, so here’s the Halloween Aftermath.

So, I finally got a pic of Diva in her costume. Now, keep in mind…she uses no patterns, nor a sewing machine. Apparently she got her idea from an anime character. So, all her own design, and sewed by hand.

Also keep in mind, I have 0 talent at any craft, even before I lost most of the use of my dominant hand and arm. So, she hasn’t been taught anything either. And, it’s just from straight material, she didn’t start with a skirt or anything.

My girl’s costume:

Halloween Aftermath

She’s so talented, it makes me teary

Personally, I’m way impressed.

And now, on to the ‘aftermath’ I mentioned.

I was too exhausted to get into it yesterday, because Terror Toddler was up at 2am. And stayed that way until 530. I suspected candy overload, but I only saw him have a small package of Smarties. (The REAL Smarties, by the way…candy coated chocolate wonderful. Not what the US calls ‘Smarties’, the somewhat chalky tasting sugar candies, that here we call, ‘Rockets’.)

Then I remembered…Wolf mentioned something about a ‘candy break’ while they were out, after the kids were in bed.

“Oh, he didn’t get that much candy…” Wolf protested. “Just a sucker. Oh, yeah…we stopped again, and he had a chocolate bar…”

I reminded him that I gave him Smarties when he got home.

“Oh. I didn’t know that. Cause I gave him another candy and a bag of chips when we got home. I guess he did get a lot of candy…”

Dude, are you NEW here?! Normally, if one of us has allowed the kids to have any candy, we give the other a head’s up, so that we don’t have the children turning into feral, candy fuelled beasts. No wonder Terror Toddler was acting jet propelled in the middle of the night! He was!

Halloween Aftermath

I thought it was just Halloween excitement. Nope. Sugar, dyes, and heaven only knows what chemicals.

And next year, Cubby will be joining everyone.

I’m thinking of going to a hotel until Nov 1st. Or 2nd. Until all the sugar is burned off.

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    • We had a sewing machine, but it was killed in our last move. I arranged for her to get lessons, and she didn’t enjoy it, so I don’t know what to do, since I can’t teach her myself. Fabric and sewing machines are pretty pricey, which is one of the problems.

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