Guard Dog, Fail.

I love my Bazinga. She’s wonderful w/the kids. She puts up w/Tazzie wrestling w/her, Terror Toddler biting her, baby crying…she just is so laid back through it all.

In fact, maybe she’s *too* laid back.

See, we have wild aminals around. And not the ones I’ve birthed or married. I’m talking four legged critters.

And she does nothing.  

This morning, this was in my yard. With two others.

And my oh, so fierce guard dog’s reaction?


You probably can’t see it in the pic, but she has a frozen string of drool hanging from her lip.

Yeah. Not only did she not budge her butt off my porch, but she didn’t even bark, or move enough to dislodge the string of drool. When I stepped out on the porch to snap the pic, that’s the look she gave me.

At least she looks scary, right?

To people, anyways…since deer aren’t bothered by her presence at all.


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Guard Dog, Fail. — 7 Comments

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