Gearing Up For School

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As public school students prepare to head back to school, it’s a weird time, as a homechooler. There’s so much in the media about ‘back to school’.

Personally, I loathe, hate and despise the commercials set to the Christmas carol…you know the one…about the most wonderful time of the year? Hate that one. Honestly, I wonder about the message it sends, to parents and children alike. So, not having your kids around is something to sing and dance about? Why are commercials *telling* families that’s how they’re supposed to be feeling? Seems…wrong, to me somehow. I wonder about the kids, how they feel, being told that their parents are happier without them.

But, I’ve been told before that I think too deeply about some things, and perhaps that’s one of them. Still bugs me though.

I used to be a public school parent. My eldest went, as did Diva, until we pulled her out mid grade three, due to severe bullying issues…not just from fellow students, but from her teacher as well. Interestingly enough, when I pulled her, the vice principal called, and tried to bully *me* into returning her, by lying to me about legalities, and threatening to report her truant. Never once did the VP ask me WHY I pulled her…which, in my mind says a lot about the attitude of the school.

So, I get the challenges that come with being out of routine. I get the whines of, “I’m boooooooored!” that happen during the summer.

Here’s a secret for you: I get them as a homeschool parent too.

While we do homeschool year round, we do what I think of as ‘homeschool lite’ during the summer. So, the kids are off schedule, out of routine, and can get whiny and out of sorts.

Still hate that dang commerical though.

So, we’re gearing up for school. History cycle is plotted this year. We’re doing the Ancients, via Story of the World. I grabbed the Activity Book too. (Canadian link for the book here¬†and Activity Book here). I’m pretty excited about it. This week, we’re going to create an archeological dig for the kids in the sand pit in the yard. When I say, ‘we’, I mean ‘Wolf’. Which reminds me, I need to pick up some toothbrushes at the dollar store.

The kids are excited about creating a chicken mummy in a few weeks, even though I’ve warned them that it’s a project that takes weeks to do. I think they just like the idea of mummies.

While we were out, we also did some clothes shopping for the kids. May as well take advantage of the ‘Back To School’ sales, right? I won’t tell you how much we spent, other than I just about passed out cold at the till. And, holy old cheezits, can I say how disgusted I am by what’s available for little girl clothes? First off, I swear to you that I wore the same, or at least frighteningly similar styles as a teen in the eighties. Second, there’s just not that much out there. T-shirts, what they call ‘jeggings’ (thicker than regular leggings?) and that’s about it. I bought the only two outfits in Princess’ size. I hit online when I got home, and didn’t find much more in terms of options. I’m giving serious consideration to just buying her uniforms. *sigh* Can we bring back cute clothes for little girls please? You know, skirts that are a decent length, so she doesn’t have to worry about bending over, that sort of thing? And reasonable prices too, please. I’m not interested in spending more on a dress for her than I do for myself. *sigh*

As for the rest of things: I still have no freaking dryer. Dryer Dude ever shows up again, and I may completely lose my mind all over him. AFTER he finishes the repair, of course. Waiting to hear about a possible move. So, loads of chaos, potential changes on the horizon, and life is never boring.

Boring sounds appealing.


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