Brother, Can You Spare $8,200?

financial challenges

You know you’re not off to a good start when there’s NO COFFEE in the house. That’s what I woke up to this morning.

Actually, I woke up to Cubby kicking me. And he smelled foul.

So, diaper duty, then the discovery of no coffee.

Not one of my finest starts.

Then Wolf called.

See, our truck (actually, an SUV) died on Friday. General consensus was it needed a new engine.

To say we were in a panic, is an understatment. Having so recently lost Bazinga, and the vet bills associated with that, a massive repair bill for the truck was a huge kick in the head.

That ‘kick’ became a wrecking ball.

Turns out, the engine in our truck? Only made one year. There’s no replacement available. It would have to be rebuilt.

To the tune of $8,200. That’s theĀ estimate, anyways.

Which is more than what we have left owing on the truck. Which, we’ve owned less than 3 yrs, and only have 13 mths or so left to pay on it.


And, of course, looking into another vehicle, and rolling the loan over? Well, it’s not exactly an easy feat, considering the size of vehicle we need.


I’m reminding myself, we can get through this. We’ve gotten through challenges before, we’ll get through this too.


Times when challenges hit, be it financial challenges, relationship issues, or health problems, we can’t always see how we’ll get through. Sometimes, it seems like every avenue is exhausted, there’s nowhere left to turn. But, day by day, a little at a time, you find your way through, until you’re on the other side.

And…I have coffee now.

Already better than the morning started out.

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