Dear Blacklist…

dear blacklist1

Dear Blacklist,

You know I love Red. I’ve mentioned it here on the blog before. He’s a wonderful character, well written, love the humour, and James Spader is brilliant in the role.

That being said…

ENOUGH with the kidnappings already, ok?

Seriously, hasn’t EVERYONE on the team been kidnapped at least ONCE by now? Ok, maybe not the tech guy. Maybe. But Lizzie? How many times is she going to get kidnapped? Even briefly, like in last night’s episode, but c’mon, guys…this is one sucky bunch of FBI agents when they ALL get a turn at being a kidnapping victim, and Lizzie’s especially bad since she’s a repeat victim.

And yeah, it looks like next week, she gets kidnapped again. Woo.

Frankly, I’m kinda starting not to care.

Now, I get that any work of fiction, be it a novel, movie, tv show, or play requires some suspension of disbelief. Got it. But you guys are seriously pushing that envelope with me.

Not only that, but the whole, ‘damsel in distress’ thing? Blargh.

I’ll admit that Red stomping through, shotgunning his way around, mowing down those who were in his way? That was kind of awesome. But, when you keep having her kidnapped, him come in…well, it certainly doesn’t portray her as a strong character, now does it?

She’s supposed to be a fully trained FBI agent, and yet you have her constantly in need of rescue by a ‘maybe’ Daddy.

And, since the body of the Harbour Master has been found, looks like there’s another jam Red’s going to be saving her butt from.

Enough, already. Get her to save her own hide, and quit kidnapping her. There’s got to be a better plot device than that. If your writers are stuck, have them contact me. I’m sure I  can come up with something better than turning the Blacklist into the, “Kidnap Lizzie Show”.

Oh, and another head’s up?

Don’t play out the ‘Who’s your Daddy?” storyline much longer either. Because, you can string folks along for just so long…and then they shrug and walk away.

I love Spader’s Red…but even he would give up and just shoot someone. Probably Lizzie for being stupid, and a liability. Or, kidnap her himself so he’d at least know she was safe, and couldn’t be used against him. Again. And again. And…again, no doubt.

If she’s supposed to be a strong, intelligent woman, then make her one.

Or, kill her character off, and have Red out for vengeance.

Either one works for me, because, frankly? She’s kinda whiny. And flip-flops more than a just landed fish.

“I don’t want to work with you anymore! I quit!” “Come baaaaack…Don’t leaaaaveeee…” How many times has that dance happened? And it’s only season TWO, for crying out loud.

Seriously, want a consultant for the writing team?

Shoot me an email.

Let’s talk.

Blacklist, Reddington, James Spader, are far too good to be swirling the bowl already.

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Dear Blacklist… — 6 Comments

  1. Every time I see a commercial for The Blacklist I think, “Why am I not watching this show?” And then life intervenes. It’s one of those shows I feel I must watch in sequence from the very beginning without missing an episode, so I’m kind of afraid to start until I can get around to getting the DVD. Kind of like Battlestar Galactica and Breaking Bad.

    Thank you for the absence of spoilers, by the way. The overuse of kidnappings doesn’t count as a spoiler because it seems to be in the commercials. And I think back to The X-Files, which I loved, even at times when I was saying, “Okay, is either Mulder or Scully going to almost die this time?”

  2. I hang my head in shame, as I haven’t watched the show at all, but from what you mentioned above, I would totally give you the job as a writer, because sounds like you would kick butt writing a better plot then the writers have any day of the week. So, you have my vote it that counts 😉

    • LOL Janine! It’s actually a really good show. Red is an incredible character, and James Spader is awesome. It just feels like they’re in a bit of a rut…”What do we do now?” “Kidnap someone.” I mean, c’mon, there’s LOADS of other plot devices, pick one.

  3. Augh, you are so right!

    I think they need to bring new writers in, switch some characters out or in (and let them stay!) and do something about whatshername, Liz, because I’m so over her being the weak link. I just want to know what the Big Mystery is with Red’s connection to her, and Move On! (And her partner’s thing with prescription drugs…ok, we get it, he’s not Mr. Perfect FBI agent, can we get some genuine white guy flaws?)

    Except for Spader, this show is starting to feel a lot like Chris Carter’s show Millennium. Remember that one?

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