Contest Time! Caption This!

Alright, folks!

Time for the first ever Not A Stepford Life contest!

Starting today, you may enter once a day, by adding a caption for the photo in the comments.

Contest will end Feb 13, with a winner being announced Feb 14.

Winner will be chosen by the Not A Stepford Life crew.

The winning caption will be used to create a design with the photo, and the winner will recieve a travel mug with the design on it from my cafepress shop

Listed retail value, $28.50

Clear as mud?


Go for it!


A few details:

  1. Short is good. Loads of text doesn’t show very well.
  2. Canadian and US residents/shipping addresses only. Shipping overseas would break me.
  3. Yes, I’m covering shipping and handling fees.
  4. Ok, clarification/detail added: If you don’t distinguish yourself somehow, beyond the ‘Anon’ handle, I have no way of knowing if the caption that wins is yours, or another Anon user. So, if you can assign yourself a user name for the comments, or even email me a contact email addy, so that if you do win, I have a way of getting ahold of you and ensuring your receive your prize, that would be great. Contact me at
  5. If any questions or details are needed to be clarified, I’ll add them here.

Good luck!

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Contest Time! Caption This! — 20 Comments

  1. Hey, thanks for entering! I did add a #4 to the list. If you enter/sub as Anonymous, I have no way of distiguishing you from other Anons, or contacting you if you win. So, feel free to contact me via email w/a way to get ahold of you and which caption is yours, or pick a user name for comments!

    Thanks, and best of luck!

    contact me at domestic

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