New Years Red Head?!

Oy. Sometimes, I just don’t think things through. Ok, a LOT of times I don’t think things through. Which may explain the number of kids we have, but I digress. My hair needs to be dyed again. Now, we normally … Continue reading

Still Sick

Hey folks! No, haven’t disappeared, just still dealing with sick kids, and now a sick me. Plus, I broke a stinking molar. Yay. Somehow writing isn’t all that easy when the entire right side of your head is trying to … Continue reading

Frugal Friday No Buy August

It seems as though the most common question I get asked is about finances. Just last night, when someone found out how many children we have at home, I got the comment, “Well, as long as you can feed all … Continue reading

Finder of All The Things!

I swear, in my family, that’s a title I have: Finder of ALL THE THINGS! I’m not sure how exactly it happened, but somehow, I’m the one they turn to when they misplace something. Is it an additional role I … Continue reading