It’s All Bloggess’ Fault

Being a devoted fangirl (well, as devoted as I can be, considering the one-armed, homeschooling, raising five Minions gig I’ve got going on) of the one, the ONLY, The Bloggess, I was reading at her site today.

Only to discover that today was ‘Dress Your Pet Up Day’. (Her post is here)

At first, I thought it was ‘Dress Your Cat Up Day’, but noooooooo, it’s Pet.

And, as we all know, I have a pet. Bazinga the Wonder Dog.

Do you have any idea how HARD it is to dress up a 130 lb dog? DO YOU?


Well, I didn’t either.

Frankly, it was pretty easy. As I’ve mentioned before, Bazinga has NO sense of self-preservation. At. All.

So, here you go folks…Dress Your Pet Up Day.

I think pink is her colour. And yes, that IS my Oiler’s jersey.

It's all Bloggess fault

I think pink is her colour. Yes, that’s my Oilers jersey.

It's All Bloggess' Fault

No, I’m not looking at you. Go away.

It's all Bloggess' Fault

“I said, GO AWAY! Stoopid humans.”

It's All Bloggess' Fault

“If you were a cat, you’d be dead right now.”

It's All Bloggess' Fault

“Seriously, I know where you sleep. I’m peeing on your pillow tonight.”

It's All Bloggess' Fault

“Screw you, Marilyn Monroe. I make this look GOOD.”


ps, if you’re wondering about her nose, it was mentioned here. She’s healing wonderfully.

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