Bazinga the Wonder Dog 3 Updates

Hey guys,

Short post today. Worried about Bazinga the Wonder Dog. Going to have to take her into the vet, and get her checked out.

Because of her size, and her breed, our concerns are with her hips, primarily.

‘Worried’ seems like a mild word. ‘Terrirfied’ might cover it better.

She’s in pain, and we don’t know why. She hasn’t been injured in any way.

If you wouldn’t mind sending good thoughts, prayers, whatever you do, that it’s just some muscle strain, and nothing more, we’d all appreciate it.

I know some folks would be like, “It’s just a dog!” but to us, she’s a part of our family. The idea of something being seriously wrong is heartbreaking.



Leaving for the vet in an hr. I’ll update here and the FB page when we have an answer. Thank you to everyone.



Things do not look good. At all. She’s having xrays, so we’ll know more about what we’re looking at, but at this point, the vet is thinking hip dysplasia and/or

Cranial Cruciate Ligament Disease



Hip dysplasia. We go in to pick her up and find out more in a cpl of hrs.

Bazinga the wonder dog

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Bazinga the Wonder Dog 3 Updates — 17 Comments

  1. Sending you tons of good thoughts. We’re big doggie lovers around here and still heartbroken about losing our sweet guy at Christmas. I know you’re not in that situation, but seeing your sweet pup in pain is about as sad as it gets. Big hug.

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