Adding To The List

Wolf, my darling hubby, is a good man A great Daddy. 

That being said, there is a list going in this house, of things he’s NOT allowed to do. 



This started when Princess was 2, maybe 3 years old.

I found her in a sobbing, crumpled heap on her bedroom floor.Daddy had been in charge of getting her ready that morning. Not only did her outfit not match (*gasp*) but he’d given her what has become known as, ‘Troll doll hair’…a pony tail on the top of her head. Poor child was completely heartbroken, because, “Daddy make me ugwy!”

Thus, the list was born.

It’s been added to over the years.

Not only is he not allowed to dress Princess, or do her hair, but he’s also not allowed to CUT hair either.

And, after Terror Toddler came home with a mullet this summer, he’s not allowed to take anyone for hair cuts either.

Then there was the Towel Incident. He’d gone back to our old place to finish packing the last few bits, supervise cleaners, and had a list of things to buy on his way home.

Towels were on the list.

Now, in his defence, I *did* say towels. However, I *assumed* he realized that what we actually needed to replace were *bath sheets*. So, that’s my fault.

The colours, however, were all him.

Which brings us to yesterday. He and Tazzie went out to the local consignment store to get Tazzie a new winter coat.

As soon as they walked in the door, and I realized that he’d bought Tazzie a *girls* coat. No, it wasn’t pink or purple, but obviously a girl’s coat all the same. Wolf tried to argue that it was *blue*, and therefore a boy coat. It wasn’t til I compared which side the zipper was on w/his coat that he admitted defeat.

God love him, he tries. But he’s not allowed to shop for the children unsupervised any more either.

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